by Robert Walker

Robert Walker


Rachel Scott was a typical teenage girl who was
incredibly dedicated to following and serving Christ.
Though she was mocked for her beliefs, at times
doubted her faith, and constantly struggled with
personal issues that every teenager faces, she
remained faithful to God.

Then on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School, she
was killed for that faith. Rachel's Tears is a moving
meditation on the life, death, and faith of Rachel as
seen through the eyes of her parents and through
writing and drawings from her journals.

There was some surprising discovering when Rachel's
backpack was returned to the family. One of the
killer's bullets was in the backpack, where it had
stopped after passing through her body and hitting her
journal. There was a bullet hole through her backpack,
entering at a place on the back cover where she had
written the words "I won't be labeled as average."

A drawing of her eyes with a stream of tears that were
watering a rose! Later someone pointed out that there
were thirteen clear tears falling from her eyes before
they touched the rose and turned into what look like
blood drops. There were, of course, thirteen victims
of the two murderers.

In a journal entry dated May 2, 1998, which was less
than eleven months before the Columbine tragedy,
Rachel wrote that it would be her last year of life.
She wasn't fearful; she was thankful to God. In an
undated journal entry, Rachel wrote out some verses
about the brevity of life.

In the book Rachel's Tears there were many surprising
discoveries that comfort, and consoled and challenged.
(From the book RACHEL'S TEARS)

In the book of Revelation we see a surprising
discovery. There is a prayer meeting that is probably
the most bazaar event that was ever recorded. I want
you to see what this is the strangest prayer meetings
for several reasons.


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