by Robert Walker

New Light for a New Life
Robert Walker
Acts 9:18


Some one once asked Helen Keller, who had been blind since the age of nineteen months, if blindness were the worst thing that could befall a person. She answered that the worst thing that could befall a person was not to lose their sight but to lose their vision. As a child, Helen Keller had lost her hearing and sight yet was able to lead a beautiful life to complete college and become an author and lecturer.

This happened because someone was able to break through her silent, dark world and teach her how to communicate. She was able to lead a very beautiful life of helping others despite her limitations. In spite of great obstacles she had a sense of purpose and vision in life.

In this passage we have the most famous conversion story in his history. When the scales fell, there was a new light for a new life. Now the whole subject of blindness is a very important subject in the Bible. All through Scripture, blindness is a spiritual metaphor. And it is used to represent the spiritual inability to see God's truth.

And so, blindness becomes scripturally a metaphor for spiritually being in the dark, unable to discern God or God's truth. And sadly but truly, spiritual blindness is the norm; spiritual sight, the exception.

When the scales fell, three facts became distinctly obvious. There was a New Character, A New Course, and a New Concern.


1. Paul was of the strictest sect, a Pharisee, one of that group of Hebrew religionists who thanked God publicly that they were not as other men.

2. They could not preserve their sacred standing and fraternize with Gentiles; Paul had been indoctrinated with a hatred for Christ and a bitterness toward his message. There is the darkness of the religious mind but at Calvary the power of darkness was overcome by light that is evident.

3. Theirs eyes were opened and they knew Him. A wicked, brutal terrorist to the Church st ...

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