by Robert Walker

Faith in a Faithless Land
Robert Walker
Isaiah 63


The greatest earthquake, of the 20th century, is the
Chilean earthquake of 1960. It began on the morning of
May 22, 1960 in the southern area of Chile. At
approximately 8:40 am, an earthquake of momentous
magnitude, 9.5, ripped through, generating tsunamis
and causing the eruption of long, quiet volcanoes. The
terror did not end for nearly a month.

At the end of the terror, the death toll had hit
200.000, and many were still not recovered. Government
economists, counting up the cost, found that 130,000
houses, one in every three in the earthquake zone, had
been destroyed, bring $186 million residential damage.

Damages to agriculture added up to another $70
million, and to factories and industry another $34
million. Altogether, Chile's financial losses reached
as high as $500 million, or 5% of the nation's vast
wealth. All of this result a result of an earthquake.

I would like to share with you a brief message from
the word of God about what happens when your world
changes from a delightful world to a disastrous and
dangerous world.

Well the Word of God does leave us with a record that
God not only pardons us, and preserves but he is there
to protect us and our world can be rebuilt.

We see the activity of God over the dreaded enemy, and
he helps people facing a desperate, dire, and
dangerous situation.

God hears our cry, feels our pain, see our plight and
knows our situation and can do what nobody can do. He
can rebuild our world.

It happened in 587 B.C. when finally what they thought
was secure became insecure, those that thought they
were victorious became victims, and those that felt
they were conquerors were conquered.

For when the Babylonian army lead by a man named
Nebuchadnezzar swept down upon the defenseless city
of Jerusalem, they are surrounded by a dreaded enemy,
their freedom, their liberty and th ...

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