by Robert Walker

Robert Walker
JOHN 9:1-12


When the Bastille, a castle-like prison in Paris, was
about to be destroyed in 1789, a convict was brought
out who had been confined in one of its gloomy cells
for many years. But instead of joyfully welcoming his
liberty, he begged to be taken back. It had been such
a long time since he had seen the sunshine that his
eyes could not endure its brightness. His only desire
was to die in the murky dungeon where he had been a

In a tenement district in New York City, a boy in
ragged clothes was seen with a small piece of broken
mirror in his hand. Holding it high in the air he
moved it slowly back and forth, watching the narrow
slit of a window above him as he did so. "What are you
doing?" a man suddenly demanded as he shook the
youngster roughly by the shoulder.

Like most boys in this neighborhood, you're probably
up to some mischief, aren't you?" The boy looked up
into the stern face of his accuser and said, "See that
window up there? Well, I have a little brother who has
a room on that floor. He's a cripple. The only
sunlight he ever sees is what I shine up to him with
my mirror!"

1. Our Lord Jesus Christ in John’s gospel deity is
declared. The Lord made the affirmation I myself and I
alone am the light of the world and we find in this
story that Jesus gives light to life not by
speculation but by action.

2. The location of the events in John 9 was the temple
of Herod. Our Lord had ministered there and he was
leaving John uses a vivid word when he says passing by
he saw a man blind from birth.

3. This is the only time in the Old Testament or New
Testament that it is said one was healed who was blind
from birth he was congenital blind from the beginning
of his life perhaps from conception no sight or
capacity of sight. (John Philips - Exploring John)

4. This is a solitary case for no such miracle was ...

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