by Robert Walker

We Don't Have to Cross Jordan Alone
Robert Walker
Joshua 3


Here is the story of the miracle working God. The miracle the Lord did for them was to stop the river Jordan so they could cross the river Jordan and leave the wilderness and go into the land of Canaan. They were to be Canaan conquerors not wilderness dwellers.

But between them and that land of Canaan was the swirling Jordan. And something had to be done about that river so that they could pass over. God performed a miracle. You know that God has more for you and God wants to bless you but it seems like there is a dark swirling river.

This miracle establishes a principle that when we come to the rivers of difficulties that God will be with us.

The crossing of Jordan River is not a picture of the Christian dying and going to heaven, contrary to what is said in some songs. The crossing of the Jordan River pictures the believer claiming the inheritance in Jesus Christ. Joshua is a type of Jesus Christ our Conqueror who leads us from day to day into the inheritance.

I believe the thing that made Joshua God's man was that he could think like God thought. It was time for Joshua to do what God had given him to do. Joshua was about 40 years old when the Exodus occurred and now he is about 80 years old and he is ready to take the children into the Promised Land.


Somebody asked Abraham Lincoln one time, if you knew you were going to have to serve as a politician what would you do. Abraham Lincoln said, "I would prepare myself and be ready for the call at anytime."

Well we know he got the call in 1865 and was God's man for this country in a very important period of our history.

Joshua was prepared. It was Joshua's time to go. God was ready for him to do what God would have him to do. Look at what happen in verse 6. Now God said to Joshua the only way you are going to get into the Promised Land is you have got to think power, think possibilit ...

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