by Robert Walker

The Man Who Slew a Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day
Robert Walker
II Samuel 23:20

In the bible, names always have meaning. The name Benaniah means God has built. He is the perfect picture of every born again believer. The bible says we are God's building. We are built up together as a spiritual house. God is building your house if you are a Christian.

So Benaniah is a type of the believer. So we can find some very practical and helpful advice that can be applied to our lives. Notice something else Benaniah is involved in a battle. He had an adversary and his adversary was a lion. But not just any lion but a very hungry and vicious lion.


Dr. Adrian Rogers told the story of the missionary who was walking through the jungle one day and met a lion. And immediately the missionary dropped down on his knees and began to pray. When he open his eyes he saw the lion down on his knees and he was praying. And the missionary said to the lion why are you praying. The lion smiled and said I always like to give thanks before I eat.

The Believer, the Battle, you see there is a lion out to get you. I Peter 5:8 says "Your adversary the devil as roaring lion goeth about seeking whom He may devour."

The truth is every born again Christian is involved in a battle with a wicked foe. As Dr. R.G. Lee once said it's no picnic. No carpet on the racetrack was ever promised. No bed of roses on the battlefield were ever grown. No assurance of a trouble free trip from the new birth to the New Jerusalem. Just because you are born again doesn't mean you have immunity from the fight.

If you are a born again Christian it's not just a new birth it's a new battle. You are not just redeemed you are recruited into one of the most real and unending conflicts the world has ever known. It's not fought with swords and guns and missiles. It is fought in the spirit.

Now some of us don't believe this so we pay lip service to it. But it's a real battle. Pastor Steve ...

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