by Robert Walker

Lessons from the Cedar Tree
Robert Walker
Psalm 92:12


Just one verse of scripture, in fact one half of one verse of scripture I want to address tonight. You know I have never done it but one day I might preach a series of sermons on the trees in the bible. Adam behind the tree hiding. Elijah under the tree. Nathaniel beside the tree. Zacchaeus up the tree. Jesus on the tree. I mean there are all sorts of things you could preach on.

I want us to examine the Cedars of Lebanon. The Psalmist said that the righteous man shall flourish like a Palm tree He shall grow like a Cedar in Lebanon. The Cedars of Lebanon were used in the temple to make it beautiful. God gives us some Cedars to make the church beautiful. Cedars describe a Person (Righteous) Cedars describe a potential (Flourishing). Why is there so little spiritual growth.


A. "He will flourish." It means to grow. He thrives. He blossoms. He shall flourish like a Cedar of Lebanon. Now maybe some of you think that there is only one kind of cedar tonight. There are four Cedars we will look at tonight.

B. First the Little Cedar. The little cedar was very small, very unimpressive. But very important. It was named so because it wasn't very tall. The little Cedar was small but it was very important. It was used for fence posts. It was used for studding in the walls. It was used in the ceilings and even in the furnishing of the temple.

1. Now there is something very interesting about the little cedar. When a man goes out to get them he cuts them down and then piles them on a cart. It's not necessary for them to be tied on with a cord or a rope. So he can just pile them on a cart and they will stay there. I mean he can whip those old oxen and down the road they go, around the curves, across the potholes, but not a one falls off. Do you know why? Because there is a certain "consistency," in the bark of the little cedar and they simply cl ...

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