by Steve Wagers

Paralysis In The Pew!
Steve N. Wagers
Luke 6:6

1. No doubt many are familiar with the actor Christopher Reeve. Known for his role as the famous superhero, "Superman," Reeve was no stranger to the world of big screen and television. However, in May 1995, the life of Christopher Reeve changed dramatically.

2. While competing in a steeplechase, an equestrian event in which he loved to compete, a strange occurrence took place. While coming around the fourth of five steeples, Reeve's horse apparently spooked, raised high in the air, and threw him to the ground. What may not have appeared to be a major accident, within minutes, those around had discovered that the famous actor was unable to move.

3. Further diagnosis revealed that the fall had broken two of his top vertebras, and left him totally paralyzed. Once an actor of great renown, however, now nothing more than a paraplegic confined to the bed of his wheelchair.

4. We are told that every year there are an estimated 250,000 paralyzed individuals living in the United States. On the average 11,000 new paralytic related injuries are reported every year. And, 1 out of every 4 cases are permanent, irreversible conditions. 1

5. The man in the verse of our text is not merely another statistic. Though he, no doubt, suffered physically, he also suffered emotionally and spiritually. He serves as a perfect picture of many in the family of God. He depicts the condition of many who fill our church pews, which are suffering from paralysis in the pew. Briefly, I call your attention to 3 things that are told to us about this particular 'paralytic' man. Notice, first of all:

I. We See The Man and His Location!

1. In verse 6 we are introduced to this man, and specifically his location. In fact, there are some things about this man which describe who he was, what he was, and where he was. Notice that:

A. He Was a Man Acquainted with the Temple of the Lord!

1. Notice verse 6.

"6 ...

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