by Steve Wagers

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You Don't Need To Be Healthy To Be Happy! (2 of 9)
The Sweet Taste of Spirit Fruit
Steve N. Wagers
Galatians 5:22, 1 Peter 1:1-7

1. There is something that we all do that is such good medicine it can relieve stress, cure headaches, fight infections, and alleviate hyper-tension. Engaging in this activity produces benefits similar to those of vigorous exercise. Muscles in the abdomen, chest, and shoulders contract, while the heart rate and blood pressure increase.

2. In one burst of this activity the pulse can double from 60 to 120, while blood pressure can go from 120 to 200. And, once this activity ceases, the heart rate and blood pressure can dip below normal, a sign of reduced stress. This activity is commonly referred to as laughing.

3. The wisest man who ever lived, by the name of Solomon, tells us in Proverbs 17:22,

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

4. Laughter is good medicine. And, to be honest, I know many people who need an overdose of it. However, laughter, many times, is a simply a sign of happiness. Therefore, there is something that runs much deeper than happiness. It is JOY!

5. Happiness is a matter that is external, while joy is internal. Happiness is based upon outward circumstances, while joy is based upon inward character. Happiness deals with what happens to us, while joy deals with what lives within us. Happiness is a matter of chance, while joy is a matter of choice. In fact, the word 'happiness' comes from two words; the word 'happ,' which means chance; and, the word 'fortuna,' which means luck.

6. If things in our life go well, then we determine that we can be happy. However, one of the products of being filled with, and controlled by the Spirit of God is to be a person of JOY. Thus, in spite of everything that happens around us, we have something within us that gives us a reason to have JOY.

7. Lehman Strauss once said,
"Joy is an everlasting fruit manifested in the life of the child ...

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