by Steve Wagers

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What's Love Got To Do With It! (1 of 9)
The Sweet Taste of Spirit Fruit
Steve N. Wagers
Galatians 5:22, Matthew 22:35-40

1. I think of the story of the little boy who was disappointed with the smallness of the egg that his bantam had laid. So, he went downtown, and returned with a small package. He unwrapped it, and revealed an ostrich egg. He held the egg up to his bantam, and said, "Now, take a good look at this and try harder!"

2. Perhaps that is the attitude of many believers as they look at their Christian life. Thus, because it appears unsuccessful they become discouraged and disgruntled, and think that living the Christian life is a total impossibility.

3. However, the apostle Paul reveals for us in Galatians 5 that the key to the success of the Christian life is found in the fruit of the Spirit. The interesting thing about the fruit of the Spirit is that it is the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, the Holy Spirit desires to control and fill us so that we may be more like the Lord Jesus. That is the Priority, the Purpose, and the Principle of Spirit fruit; to make us more like Jesus.

4. The key to remember as we study the fruit of the Spirit is that it is not 9 different fruits. The noun Paul uses is singular, not plural. It is "fruit," not "fruits." Thus, it is one fruit that is manifested in 9 different ways. You could say that it is one fruit with nine flavors.

5. These 9 qualities are divided into 3 categories. There is Inward Fruit, which is described as "Love, Joy, and Peace." There is Outward Fruit, which is described as "Longsuffering, Gentleness, and Goodness." Then, there is Upward Fruit, which is described as "Faith, Meekness, and Temperance."

6. Tonight, we begin our study of the fruit of the Spirit, in what I calling, 'The Sweet Taste of Spirit Fruit." The first attribute that is mentioned is the inward fruit of "love." Someone once said,"Love may not may make the world go around; but, it will ce ...

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