by Steve Wagers

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First Get Your Priorities Straight! (4 of 4)
Let's Put First Things First
Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 6:33

1. I heard about a couple in Atlanta who heard that MY FAIR LADY was still playing on Broadway in New York City. They desperately wanted to see the musical, so they bought their tickets months in advance, and planned their vacation. The long awaited day came and they flew to New York City. They presented their tickets, walked in, and sat down in wonderful seats, just seven rows from the orchestra.

2. To the man's amazement, the entire place was filled except for the seat right next to him, which made him quite curious. At the intermission, he leaned over to talk to the woman, the second seat from him. He asked her why would someone not come to the performance, because the tickets were in so much demand. He couldn't understand why the seat was empty, and why someone would miss the chance to see this great musical. The lady replied,

"Well, Sir, these two seats are mine. This one and that one. That seat belonged to my husband, and he died, so the seat is empty."

3. The man gave his condolences, and asked the woman why, since her husband had died, she wouldn't have invited someone else to come with her. She replied,"I did. But, they are all at the funeral home right now!" (1)

4. I believe her love for Broadway obscured her true priorities. Spiritually speaking, there are many believers who could be diagnosed with the same problem. It is not that they lack passion; it is that they lack priority. They have failed to put first things first in their lives.

5. I think of an industrialist from California who addressed a group of executives at a leadership seminar. His topic concerned employee motivation, how to get the job done while maintaining the enthusiasm and commitment of your personnel. He offered a great deal of helpful advice, but there was one concept that I believe was priceless. He said,

"There are two things that ar ...

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