by Steve Wagers

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First Bake the Cake Before You Clean the Stove! (1 of 4)
Let's Put First Things First
Steve N. Wagers
1 Kings 17: 9-16

1. I remember reading of a couple whom were seeing a marriage counselor, sharing their innermost feelings that had suppressed for years. After about 4 hours of counseling the husband made a concluding remark. He said, "All I can say is that my wife never cleans, and she never cooks. So, I have concluded that she must be an angel, because she is always up in the air, and she's always harping on something!"

2. Northwestern University's psychology department recently revealed that during the average housewife's lifetime she performs the following tasks. She makes 10,000 to 40,000 beds, vacuums a rug a mile long and a tenth of a mile wide; cleans 7,000 plumbing fixtures, and cooks 35,000 meals. (1)

3. In an article dated February 22, 2001, the Greenville News released an article entitled, "Marriage May Be Hazardous to Your Health!" The article stated, according to a new book, that during the first 13 years of marriage a happy woman will gain 18.4 pounds, and an unhappy man will gain 42.6 pounds. Men, overall gain between 19 to 38 pounds. (2) I would say that that statistic reveals that there a lot of unhappy men.

4. It reminds of a husband and wife who got into a heated argument after supper. They were fighting over the usual chores, when the wife said to her husband, "Honey, take out the trash." He looked back and said, "I didn't cook it. You take it out!"

5. Today, I want us to begin a new study of an interesting, yet important truth in the Word of God. And, it has little to do with cooking, or cleaning. It revolves around the use of the word "first", and particularly how the word is used in relation to the things of God. Thus, reminding us that, spiritually speaking, it's time to put first things first.

6. In the verses before us this morning we find a very familiar story. It involves two main characters; Eli ...

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