by Steve Wagers

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The Fool Who Doubts God! (5 of 5)
Steve N. Wagers
1 Corinthians 15:35-56

1. On Good Friday, of this year, a movie was released that hit theaters across the country. It has been called one of the most suspenseful thrillers of all time. It depicts Jodie Foster as a 30-year mother who is looking for an apartment in New York City. Foster's character finds a Brownstone apartment on the upper West Side of the city. She buys the apartment, and finds that it has all of the amenities and luxuries of the most expensive apartments in New York City. However, this apartment had one thing none of the other Brownstone's had. It had a strategic and specific room. It is called 'The Panic Room.'

2. 'The Panic Room' is a room that is totally self-contained. It is steel and concrete reinforced with a massive steel door triggered by a laser eye. It has its own separate ventilation system, its own heating and air system; its own electrical system; and, its own telephone system. It is fully wired so that every room of the apartment can be seen at different times from a wall of monitors. It is a room that was designed so that if one is ever threatened, or afraid, they can run into this 'Panic Room,' and be safe.

3. Today, many people are looking for their own personal 'Panic Room.' They are unsure. They are unsettled. They are insecure. In fact, one of the greatest strongholds pervading the minds of people, both Christian and non-Christian, is the matter of doubt. Particularly after the events of September 11, 2001, the decline of Wall Street, and the possible threat of war, many find something of substance on which to stand.

4. Doubt is a matter, which finds its seat in the living room of our heart, and mind, and takes up its abode there. If it continues, it can paralyze the soul, and rob someone of any ray of hope, joy, peace, or security.

5. Let's consider some interesting statistics in relation to a variety of spiritual matters. Again, these are ...

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