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The Fool That Denies God! (1 of 5)
Steve Branch
Psalm 14:1

1. Having a deep passion for legal matters, I have found the following court cases to be of interest.

In 1994, J. R. Costigan sued Bobby Mackey's Music World, a country music bar, in Wilder, Kentucky. Costigan claimed that a ghost "punched and kicked him" while he was using the bar's restroom one night. He sued the bar, asking for $1000 in damages and demanding that a sign be put up in the restroom warning of the ghost's presence. The club's lawyer, however, filed a motion to dismiss the case, citing the difficulty of getting the ghost into court to testify for the defense. (1)

In 1991, after more than a decade of marriage, Bonnette Askew admitted to her husband, Ronald, a 50-year old banker, that although she loved him, she never really found him attracted. He sued his wife for fraud, and the jury awarded him $242,000 in damages. (2)

The family of a deceased man sued a cemetery in Vallejo, California for undue, and added grief, when at the end of a funeral, cemetery employees realized that the coffin they were about to lower into the ground was too wide for the hole. They tried turning the coffin on its side, but to no avail. Then, they tried breaking off the handles, it didn't work. Finally, they tried to force the coffin into the hole by jumping up and down on the lid. The coffin broke, and the funeral had to be stopped. The family sued for $500,000, and the case was settled out of court. (3)

2. Psalm 14 depicts a court case. It is God's court case against the human race. The participants involved are God as the plaintiff, and man as the defendant. However, this case is unique, in that, God is both the judge and jury. It is He who pronounces the verdict, and passes the sentence.

3. The evidence is overwhelming, in that, the Holiness of God cries out against the wickedness of man. Man is weighed in the balance, and he is found wanting as 'a fool' for denying God. Br ...

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