by Steve Wagers

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The Lovely Name That Gives Us Courage! (2 of 4)
Steve N. Wagers
Isaiah 9:6, Colossians 1:13-18

1. On June 1, 1938, the first issue of the comic book "Superman" appeared in newsstands. High school classmates Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster originally created the super hero as a villain that had been granted super-powers by a mad scientist. But, later they turned him into a hero. They set out to recreate Superman as a comic strip. Siegel came up with almost all of the Superman legend, as we know it, wrote the comic strips, and Shuster did the drawing.

2. Together they chose the primary colors for his costume because, as Shuster recounted, they were the "brightest colors we could think of." After being rejected by several publishers over a period of three years, DC Comics found "Superman" just what they wanted for their new Action Comics. In order to meet the first issue's deadline, Shuster cut, pasted, and redrew Superman's daily strips into 13 comic book size pages. The super-human being that could "leap tall buildings in a single bound" was officially born. (1)

3. As believers, we have more than a superhuman comic book character. We have a God who is great and glorious. He is more than super-human, He is supernatural. And, there is nothing he cannot do.

4. I think of a little Sunday school class who was studying, for several weeks, the awesome power of God. After a few Sunday sessions, the teacher decided to quiz the class on what they had learned of God's power. She asked, "Class, can anyone tell if there is something that God cannot do?" Silence filled the room, then suddenly little Johnny, in the back of the class, raised his hand. Needless to say, the faithful Sunday school teacher was shocked. She had spent countless hours studying, preparing, and teaching the class of the awesome power of God. She said, "Johnny, is there something God cannot do?" Johnny looked her square in the eye, and said, "Yes ma'am, He can't please eve ...

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