by Steve Wagers

Get Ready, Cause You've Never Been There Before
Steve Wagers
Joshua 3:1-5


1. I don't know how you are when it comes to going on a trip, but I believe you would agree that if you want to get to where you're going, and you do not desire any complications, then you would be wise in investing in what is known as a map. In fact, Rand McNally has made millions of dollars off of people like me, who don't know where they're going all the time.

2. I think of something I read recently that told of a family who was going on vacation. Such as is normal, the family had taken all of the necessary preparations to ensure a safe, and an enjoyable vacation. The car was in tip-top shape, the bags were packed, and the course was professionally charted out.

3. Their destination would take several days of driving to reach, so each night, they would stop and rest. As they hit the third day of their trip, their little eight-year old daughter, weary from the traveling, asked her father a very interesting question. She asked, "Daddy, when we get where we're going, will we be there?"

4. Yet, in much the same way, many Christians journey through the by- ways, and highways of their spiritual life without ever knowing where they're going, and when they will get there.

5. As we come to Joshua 3, we find the children of Israel in a similar plight. In fact, they are coming to uncharted territory, that which they've never canvassed before.

6. You remember that in chapter 1, Joshua was commissioned, and the people were prepared for Canaan.

7. In chapter 2, the spies were sent to Jericho, and then hidden by a lady by the name of Rahab.

8. As we come to chapter 3 they are given direction for crossing Jordan. That which they had heard of from the beginning of their forefathers was now coming into sight, and they are prepared to inhabit the land.

9. Thus, they are being prepared for an unsettled journey, an unknown journey, and an uncertain journey. It seem ...

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