by Steve Wagers

I'm Packed up and Ready to Go
Steve Wagers
Philippians 3:20-21


1. Back during the Civil War, following a battle which left many wounded, hurting, and dying, a Confederate surgeon was going from body to body to give comfort, and aid to the wounded. For about 3 hours, he had given everything he had, attending to everyone he could; and, as a result, he was totally exhausted.

2. He found a stump and sat down to rest. Just as he sat down, he heard a faint voice in the distance say, "Here, Here, Here!" He pulled himself up and said, "Son, I'm coming, I'm coming," using that faint voice as his guide.

3. Finally, he came to an 18-year old Confederate soldier who was just a stub of a man. His wounds were so severe, that the surgeon was convinced that he was dying. The surgeon stooped down, and said, "I'm here son, and I'll do everything I can do to help you." Almost immediately, the wounded soldier opened his eyes, and said, "Sir, I wasn't talking to you."

4. The surgeon, somewhat surprised, said, "Son, you've been saying 'Here' for the last three or four minutes. If you weren't calling me why were you calling out?"

5. The wounded soldier said, "Sir, about 10 minutes ago they began to call roll in heaven. About 3 minutes ago I heard them call my name. And, I was telling them that I was "Here, Here, Here!" 6. There are many things which I do not know about heaven. There are many things which are too marvelous to lay hold of and conceive. But, friend, there is one thing of which I am absolutely certain of, and that is, that my name is on Heaven's roll. It was on a Saturday morning, August 10, 1985 that it was put there; and, thank God, one day when they call roll, I'll be there, for I'm Packed Up, and Ready to Go!

7. I think of a poll that was recently conducted of what Americans thought about Heaven. It revealed that:

** 77% of Americans believe in Heaven; and, ** 76% say that their chances of going are good

8. But, friend, my cha ...

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