by Steve Wagers

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Lord, What Do You Want? (6 of 6)
Series: Nevertheless
Steve Wagers
Matthew 26:36-39


1. It was a Saturday morning at the Jones' home, and as was the custom of Mr. Jones, he took his Saturday off from work to catch up on the chores around the house.

2. He climbed up on top of the roof of his second-story home, and proceeded to put up a television antenna. It was large and tall, and he was trying to attach the guy wires from the antenna to a section of the roof.

3. The wind was blowing making it even more difficult to do it. Suddenly, he began to slip, and he slid down the roof until he caught himself on the little metal rain gutter that went around the eaves of the second floor.

4. In panic, he held on, and screamed up to heaven, "Isn't there anybody up there who can help me?" A voice from heaven came back and said, "I can help you!"

5. The man then asked, "Tell me, what should I do?" The heavenly voice said, "You must let go, and I'll catch you." The man looked back up to heaven, and said, "Is there anybody else up there who can help me?" 1

6. Yet, in much the same, many times, we carry the same attitude in our lives as believers.

7. We seek for the will of God, and yet we struggle with the will of God. We beg, plead, and cry for God to make known His will to us, and for us. Yet, when He does, because it is not what we would imagine it should be, we fail to accept it.

8. I think of how Ruth Harms Calkin said it:

9. "At first, Lord I asked You to take sides with me. With David the Psalmist I circled and underlined: 'The Lord is for me, Maintain my rights, O Lord; and, Let me stand before my foes.'

10. "But with all my pleading I lay drenched in darkness, until in utter confusion I cried, 'Don't take sides Lord, Just take over!' And then it was morning!" 2

11. I wonder how many times we have come before Him with our petitions, requests, and desires, only to leave failing to uncover His desire for us.

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