by Steve Wagers

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It's All Up To You (5 of 6)
Series: Nevertheless
Steve Wagers
Ezekiel 33:9


1. The longer that I am in the ministry, the more I find that there are several in which it is almost impossible to get Christians to participate in.

2. For example, such things as prayer, tithing, faithfulness, commitment, and holiness have become nothing more than bywords in our faith, needless to say remote impossibilities in the lives of many believers.

3. However, one of the most difficult things for Christians to commit themselves to is the matter of soul winning.

4. Few, if any in these days, see the vital importance for personal evangelism.

5. In fact, 1 out of 3 Christians, or 32%, shared their belief in the past year. 1 out of 4 Christians, or 25% even believe that it is their responsibility to witness to others. And, 95% of all church members have never led anyone to Christ. 1

6. Thus, I believe that I would have to agree with Adrian Rogers, when he said, "There are two types of Christians, soul-winners and backsliders!" R. A. Torrey, the great man of prayer, said, "I would like to ask what right does a man have to call himself a follower of Jesus Christ if he is not a soul winner!"

7. You see as Christians, we have become content to be keepers of the aquarium rather than being fishers of men. The bottom line is that if someone professes to be saved, and has no burden, nor desire, to lead others to Christ, either they are not right with God, or they, themselves, are not saved.

8. I think of a time, during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, when the British government began to run low on silver for coins. Thus, Cromwell sent his men on an investigation of the local cathedral to see if they could find any precious metals there.

9. After investigating, they reported that the only silver they found was in the statues of the saints. To their finding, Cromwell, the soldier and statesman of England said, "Good! Then we'll melt down the ...

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