by Steve Wagers

Let's Stay in the Fight
Steve Wages
James 1:12


Where sailors receive their basic training class for Underwater Demolition School, and are turned into SEALS, Sea-Air-Land-Commandos, is called Hell Week. The sailors go through sleepless days and nights, physical testing, these men are transformed into some of the toughest human beings in the world.The effort to change these average men into commandos starts at the Coronado Naval Base in San Diego, California. The class starts in October with a 300 yard swim, and it becomes increasingly difficult as it builds to the ultimate challenge known as Hell Week.As the final period of tortuous training begins on Sunday night, lights flash on as the recruits are awakened by an instructor. Next to one ear, a machine gun with blanks is fired. A jet from a garden hose is digging into the other ear.

On Monday: the six man teams are ordered to run races with a 250 lb. Rubber assault boat on their heads.

On Tuesday: with less than an hours sleep the night before, they row these boats to mexican waters and back, a trip of eighteen miles.

On Wednesday: they continue the race with boats bouncing on their heads. That evening they run again. At midnight, they're ordered to lie naked in the cold pounding surf. Every
ten minutes, during the night they are made to stand up and get the full effect of the wind.

By Thursday: everyone is hallucinating

By Friday afternoon: the week is over, and the new SEALS are lined up to be checked by a doctor.

The average basic training class is seventy-five men, and only thirty-eight, 51 percent, go on to graduate, and become Sea-Air-Land-Commandos.

When Christians face their basic training in trials, there are also many casualties. But, James teaches us, in verse 12, that we can be VICTORS, instead of VICTIMS if we will mentally, and spiritually prepare ourselves. The he uses to describe these times, is the word "temptation."

TEMPTATION(lit.): "open, or high seas, de ...

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