by Steve Wagers

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Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me! (1 of 3)
How To Tackle What's Tackling You!
Steve Wagers
I Kings 19:1-8


In John Bunyan's classic allegory of the Christian life, The Pilgrim's Progress, it follows the trail of the hero, Christian, on his journey from the City of Destruction to his heavenly destination, the Celestial City. Along the way, Christian, and a companion, approach a "very miry slough, that was in the midst of the plain. They being helpless, did both fall into the bog. The name of it was Despond. Here, they wallowed for a while, and Christian, because of the burden on his back, began to sink in the mire."

His traveling companion manages to get out, but rather than giving Christian a hand, he turns away from the path of life and flees home. Christian is then left struggling alone in the boggy, muddy hole until a man named 'Help', a picture of the Holy Spirit, kindly pulls him free from despondency's pit, and sets him on solid ground.

Christian asks Help 'why this dangerous plot of land has not been mended so that poor travelers might go on heaven's journey with more security?' Help replies, "This miry slough is such a place as cannot be mended!" 1

As we travel through this life toward the 'celestial city' of God, we like Christian, find ourselves, at times in the sloughs, and holes of despondency, and depression. In the normal, busy routine of life, there are times, that we face, that are not always upon the mountaintop of victory, but some are in the valley of despair, and defeat.

As we begin this series, 'How To Tackle What's Tackling You,' we are going to be dealing with some emotions that everyone one of face. You see, for years, we as fundamental Baptists have isolated ourselves from those who face times of depression. In fact, we have put up a 'self-righteous' shell, and we think that if someone is depressed then they are a 'below par' Christian who must have some sin in their life.

Thus, we have ...

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