by Steve Wagers

There's Nobody Quite Like Him
Steve Wagers
Jeremiah 32:27


Years ago, a Sunday School teacher, who was examining her pupils after a series of lessons on the omnipotence of God, asked, "Now that we've studied all about the greatness of God, is there anything God can't do?" There was immediate, and dead silence. Finally, one little boy held up his hand. The teacher couldn't believe it. She had hammered for weeks about the omnipotent power of God. She had hammered for weeks on the fact that God could do anything because of which He was. She looked to the little boy, and asked, "Well, Sammy, just what is it that God can't do?" Little Sammy looked back and said, "Well, He can't please everybody!" 1

As we consider Him, in His position, His person, and His power, we would have to say that there is nobody like Him, and there is nothing He can't do. In fact, because He is God, He is Omniscient. That is, there is nothing He does not know. Because He is God, He is Omnipresent. That is, there is no place where He does exist. And, because He is God, He is Omnipotent. That is, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that He cannot do.

However, as we encounter this question in our text, there are some interesting things about it. This question though great, was not asked of God. This question was not asked about God. This question was not asked to God. But, this question was asked by God, "is there anything too hard for me?"

As you know, this is the second time that God asked this question about Himself. The first time was in Genesis 18, when God was talking to Abraham about the seed He had promised Him. You will remember that when Sarah heard it she laughed, and thus prompting God to ask her the question, 'Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Now, Jeremiah is asked by God the same question. Of course, Jeremiah already knew the answer to this, thus, proving to us that "There's Nobody Quite Like Him!" Briefly, let's examine 3 tr ...

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