by Steve Wagers

If Jehosheba Doesn't Get Him, Ataliah Will
Steve Wagers
II Kings 11:1-3


I don't believe that it comes as a surprise to anyone to realize that there is a demonic assault that has been launched upon the sacred institution of the home. Over the past 40 years, the devil has spared no expense in personally attacking that which is God's prize creation. The fact of the matter is that hell is not raging against the White House, but it is raging against your house; and, we've got a war on our hands.

In fact, our children are facing things today that have never been faced before. Two of the main areas of attack are in the area of promiscuity, and pressure. In the area of promiscuity, every day in America:

? 1,000 unwed teenage girls become mothers

? 1,106 teenage girls get abortions

? 4,219 teenager contract sexually transmitted diseases 1

In the 20 years since the inception of federal family-planning programs, there has been an:

? 87% rise in pregnancies for teenagers between the ages of 15-19.
? 61% rise in unplanned births.
? 60% rise in syphilis rates among teenagers 15-19 since 1985. 2

As well, the AFA Journal reported that in our country, 1 million teenage girls become pregnant every year. 3

However, another target problem is the area of pressure. In fact, every day in America:

? 500 adolescents begin using drugs.
? 1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol.
? 6 teenagers commit suicide. 4

And, lest you think these numbers Apply only to big cities, you best think again. It is a common problem, in an uncommon world.

You see, the problem is not found in our schools. The problem is not found in our society. And, the problem is not found in our sector of government. There is a far deeper problem that exists within the four walls of our homes. The fact is it starts with the home, and it ends with the home. And, it's time we quit blaming everyone and everything else for the problem that our own ne ...

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