by Steve Wagers

The Biggest Mistake the Devil Ever Made
Steve Wagers
John 12:32


Years ago, a young Italian boy was having a problem in his spiritual life, and his pastor recommended that he go to a famous castle and view a painting there of the cross of Calvary. The young man went as directed and a gardener opened the gate and escorted him inside.

They proceeded to go into the room where the picture was exhibited, and the gardener watched as the young boy visibly cringed at the sight of it. The picture was grotesque, ugly; and, it was repelling rather than soothing.

The gardener then said, "Young man, move closer." He did, and then the gardener said, "Now, get lower, and look up." Hesitantly kneeling, the youth began to tremble as he saw the love and strength depicted by the artist in the face of the crucified Christ. Its beauty was only evident from the low, close vantage point. 1

As we dawn another Easter celebration, we must not only glance at the cross from a distance, but we must gaze at the cross from the low, close vantage point of the Scriptures. In fact, the only way by which to gain the impact of the cross is to look at it, not from the historical, psychological, emotional, or physical standpoint; but, we must look at it from the spiritual standpoint. That it, what it did for us, what it is doing for us, and what it will do for us. Simply put, we must examine from eternity to eternity.

Now, while many of the sermons preached today, around the world, center upon the event of the resurrection, we must not overlook the event which led to the resurrection. You see, without the crucifixion there would be no resurrection. Without the cross, there would be no tomb. Without the death, there would be no life. Without a lying down of His life, there would be no raising up of His life. Thus, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the hill called 'Golgotha,' and the place called Calvary.

Thus, it is today that:

? We r ...

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