by Steve Wagers

You Don't Need a Hearing Aid to Hear This Voice
Steve Wagers
Genesis 3:8


I know this may be hard for you to believe, but, during my childhood and teen years, I was not always an angel. I realize that may damage your perception of your pastor, but the truth is I was a pretty honoree youngster. Thus, as is the case when we misbehave, I tended to receive my fair share of spankings. Only, when I was getting them, I referred to them as 'whippings!' However, I will say that every one that I got I deserved, and probably deserved more than I got.

My parents may have been a little different from the average parents, in that, my mother and father both had a part. It seems as if my mother would play the detective, and my father would play the judge. She would call me out, and then he would wear me out. But, there is something from those days that I will never forget, and that is the tone of my mother's voice when I was in trouble. You see, my father was a man of few words when it came to discipline. In fact, he let the belt do the talking; and, thus I knew when he snapped, and stared, then I was in for it. However, my mother had a way of getting my attention, and that was with her voice.

It was a blood-curling sound to hear her call my name. There was a difference between her calling me for supper, and her calling me because I had gotten into something. And, when she referred to my full name, Stephen Neil Wagers, I knew that I was in for it. No ne had to tell me, no one had to advise me, and no one had to instruct, when it came to that voice, I knew I had had it. It seemed as if her voice had come looking for me.

Well, as we come to the text of Genesis 3, we find quite a familiar story. As you know, man has just suffered his fall, and now he is on the run. However, there is something interesting that takes place in the garden that has caught my attention, and that is the voice of God. It was a distinct voice. It was a dyna ...

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