by Steve Wagers

It Just Doesn't Make Sense
Steve Wagers
Psalm 12


As we travel through this life, there are times, and there are things that just don't make any sense. We see the ungodly, doing wrong, and getting better. And, we see the godly, doing right, and getting worse. It just doesn't make sense. We see those who trust in God, talk with God, and turn to God barely make it by the skin of their teeth. And, we see those who deny God, defy God, and dishonor God having a time, and living as if there were no tomorrow. It just doesn't make sense.

Take for instance:

A soldier on Heartbreak Ridge, in Korea. He looks, and says, "I'll tell you what's the matter with the world, your God has let us down!"

That university student who had come to the end of his academic career. He had made a brilliant record, won every prize, earned and carried away every honor. The following week there was awaiting him a promising and lucrative position. The next morning he was to be married to his childhood sweetheart. Everything seemed to be set. However, on his way to the commencement, he was killed.

Two godly people who are in love, happily married, and have set up a Christian home. Then, after praying long, long hours for a child; at last it comes, only it is a Mongoloid.

The British Sea captain Sir John Hawkins who sailed his ship along the African coast kidnapping slaves to sell them. When he captured them, he chained them to the deck of his ship, which was name 'The Jesus,' and God did nothing. 1 It just doesn't make sense.

As we come to Psalm 12, we find the Psalmist in a place in his life when it just doesn't make sense. All indications lead to the fact that David wrote this Psalm either while running from King Saul, or when Absalom seized the throne, and drove him across the Jordan. Whatever the case may be, here is a man who is left scratching his head, wondering what in the world is going on. 'It Just Didn't Make Sense!" Bri ...

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