by Steve Wagers

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He's Got A Treasure Island (6 of 6)
Series: What Jesus Has to Say About It
Steve Wagers
Matthew 13:45-46


Located approximately 30 miles Southwest of Sri Lanka, near the equator, lies a group of islands called the 'Maldives Islands,' unlike the world has ever seen. There are 1,190 coral islands, stretching 820 kilometers north to south, and 120 kilometers east to west. Founded by the Aryans, from India, near 1500 BC, it is a traveler's paradise.

The first glimpse you get of this fascinating atoll- formation confirms two unique aspects of the Republic of Maldives; not only does it consist of the most beautiful tropical islands, but 99% of its 90.000 km² is covered by the sea.

These 1,190 islands are spread over 26 atolls, ringlike coral formations enclosing a lagoon, which gives the Maldives its unique paradise-like appearance. 200 islands are inhabited, with a total population of 270,000, according to 1998 statistics; and, the rest includes the 87 tourist resorts and uninhabited islands, some of which are used for drying fish or other agricultural activities.

The climate is generally warm and humid. The sun shines all year through; and, the average temperature ranges around 85-90 degrees the year round. It all adds up to sun, sand and sea, a thousand 'Robinson Crusoe' islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens. It is a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination. 1 I don't about you, but I'm ready to get packed up and head that way.

However, isn't it a blessing to know that God doesn't need that tropical island, because He's got a Treasure Island. In all of His splendor, and sovereignty, He has created every one of those little islands, and then some. As one old country preacher used to say, "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, every hill; and, every tater in the hill!" I say 'Amen' to that! As we come to the 6t ...

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