by Steve Wagers

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What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (3 of 6)
Series: What Jesus Has to Say About It
Steve Wagers
Matthew 13:31-32


Possibly one of the greatest acts of God, and of nature is an earthquake. It is an event which, in just the course of a few seconds, can completely demolish, destroy, and devastate those to whom it comes into contact with. And, may I say that I'm glad we live in a part of the country where earthquakes are not frequent.

I think back to 1976, when China's Tangshan Province was laid waste as hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in a series of tremors, quakes, and aftershocks. In 1985, an earthquake devastated the thronging metropolis of Mexico City, leaving tens of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands homeless, and millions without electricity, water, or food supplies. Also, in 1989, an expectant World Series crowd was listening to the singing of the national anthem when it felt the ground beneath the stadium tremble furiously. At that moment, all around the San Francisco Bay area, bridges were collapsing, freeways were crumbling, homes were toppling, and whole neighborhoods were set ablaze by the disintegrating seismic forces. As a result of this tragic act of God, insurance estimates were originally in the $2 to $3-billion range; but, by the time the massive reconstruction of roads, bridges, commercial properties and residences was completed, claims ranged upwards of $5 billion. Thus, the entire city was declared a 'National State of Emergency!' 1

When a tragedy like this occurs the seams between the earths various plates, which are called 'faults', over time begin to build stress between the plates. When the tension finally exceeds the breaking strength of rock, a jolting rupture ensues. As a result, the earth is sundered, and the outcome is devastating. 2

The San Andreas Fault, for example, is the seam between the Pacific and Northern America plates. It runs through California from north to south ...

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