by Steve Wagers

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Go and Get Washed Up (5 of 6)
Series: A Journey through Haggai
Steve Wagers
Haggai 2:10-19


Whenever one thinks of holiness, in these days, immediately their mind begins to portray something that is robotic, or mechanical. Whether it be used in a word such as 'sanctification,' or a word such as 'consecration;' this is a concept, as well as a guideline that puts many believers to flight. As a result, many, because they refuse to allow themselves to be holy, live carnal, cantankerous, and childish Christian lives. Thus, I would be inclined to agree with Adrian Rogers, when he said, "Holy is the church's 4-letter word!"

I think of the time when the late President Calvin Coolidge returned home from church, one Sunday morning. His wife had been unable to attend, but she was extremely interested in what the preacher spoke on in the service. She asked her husband the topic of the sermon, and Coolidge responded, "His sermon was on Sin." She then pressed him for a few words of explanation, particularly what he had to say about sin. Coolidge, being a man of few words replied, "Well, I think he was against it!" 1

Yet, that is exactly the consensus view of most Christians, churches, pulpits, and pews in regards to sin. Since no one takes the stand to preach the truth about it, no one takes the time to stay away from it. I'm not speaking of 'rabbit-chasing' issues, or denominational agendas. Rather, I am speaking of seeing it the way God sees it, dealing with it how God deals with it; and, calling it what God calls it. Yes, in these last days, there is still a divine summons for God's people to be right, do right, act right, and live right. Simply put, God still expects His children, and I emphasize His children, to be holy!

I remember reading of a Chinese man who was traveling by train, and found himself in a carriage together with 3 non-Christians. In order to pass the time, these men were playing cards. Not having a fourth to ...

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