by Steve Wagers

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After the Doom Is Over, and the Gloom Is Gone (1 of 6)
Series: A Journey Through Haggai
Steve Wagers
Haggai 1:1-2


I want you to think with me for a moment in regards to the following situation. Perhaps you have just discovered that you have lost everything that you have, and own. Your home has been destroyed. Your vehicles have been totaled. Your clothes have been totally consumed. Your bank account has been wiped out. Your food pantry has been invaded, and you don't have any means of buying more. And, your investments, and all of your assets have been frozen. You have lost everything! I believe you would agree that would be your worst possible nightmare.

However, if the above were true, and were to happen, let me ask you, 'What would you do?' If this, in reality, were to take place, how would you respond to it. No doubt, some would just file bankruptcy, and start over. Some would go live with family, and friends. Some would try to rebuild. But, many would do absolutely nothing at all. They would just quit.

No doubt, many would feel like the man who was lost in the desert. He has been out of food and water for days. His lips are swollen, his tongue is swollen, he's all beat up, and bloody. Some of his bones are almost peeking through. He has been scraped and beat up by the cactus, sand, and sun. He's blistered. As he's crawling over this little hill he comes across this little plant, and props himself up on the bloody elbow, looks down at the plant, and says, "You know, if things keep going like this I might get discouraged!" 1

Yet, while the natural response to this sort of disaster would be to give up, there comes a time when one has to face the music, shake the dust off, and get back up and go at it again. However, in order to do that, one would have to set a list of goals, and priorities, in order to reestablish themselves, as well as their possessions.

I think about the man who found himself in dee ...

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