by Steve Wagers

Stop Blowing, and Start Showing
Steve Wagers
Philippians 2:12-15


In the summer of 1982, a little known 33 year old truck driver, by the name of Larry Walters, accomplished a great feat. Tired, and bored of just sitting around, he decided he needed an adventure. So, on July 2, of that same year, he rigged 42 helium filled weather balloons to a Sears lawn chair, and lifted off. Armed with a pellet gun to shoot out a few balloons, should he fly too high, Walters was shocked to reach 16,000 feet so rapidly; but, needless to say, he wasn't the only one. For, several airline pilots reported seeing, "some guy in a lawn chair floating in the sky," to confused, and perplexed air traffic controllers.

Finally, Walters began to shoot off a few balloons, which allowed him to land safely in Long Beach some 45 minutes later. This bizarre stunt got him a Timex ad, as well as a guest spot on The Tonight Show. He quit his job, and began to deliver motivational speeches across the country. However, when asked what possessed to do such a thing, Walters' answer was, "It was something I had to do, because I just couldn't sit there and do nothing!" 1

In much the same way, Paul exhorts us, in these verses, to get up and begin to do something for God. As you know, in the verses that precede our text, the great apostle has wonderfully described the example for our life, the Lord Jesus. However, now, he goes on to not only speak of the example for our life, but the evidence from our life. You see, he is saying that if Jesus is our pattern, then there ought to be a practice. If He is our reason for living, then He is, also, our recipe for life. Thus, in these verses, Paul seems to be saying, "You have seen the example, the way to do; now, put it into practice, and do it!" Simply put, he is exhorting us to "Stop Blowing, And Start Showing!" Briefly, let's observe these verses, and glean from them, as Paul explains:


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