by Steve Wagers

It All Depends How You Look at It
Steve Wagers
Ezekiel 1:1-3


Several years ago, an airline pilot, flying over the southeastern United States, called to the local tower, and said, "We are passing over at 35,000 feet, and we need a time check." The tower responded, "What airline are you?" The pilot, somewhat
confused, replied, "What difference does it make?" The tower said, "Oh, it makes all the difference in the world. For, if you are TWA or Pan Am, then it is 1600. If you are United or Delta, then it is 4 o'clock. If you are Southern Airways, then the little hand is on the 4, and the big hand is on the 12. But, if you are Skyway, then it is Thursday!" 1

Without a doubt, much of our life is made up of our perception, and how we look at things. Whether it be large or small, important or unimportant, true or false, many times depends upon the eyes in view of the situation. Therefore, while you look and see one thing, I may look at the same, and see something totally different. It just all depends how you look at it.

I think of a man who was driving in the country one day, and he saw an old man sitting on a fence watching the cars go by. Stopping to pass the time, the traveler said, "I never could stand living out here. You don't see anything, and I'm sure you don't travel like I do. I'm on the go all the time." The old man looked at the stranger, and said, "I can't see much difference in what I'm doing and what you're doing. I sit on the fence and watch the cars go by, and you sit in your car and watch the fences go by. It's just the way you look at things!"

Someone has well said, "Perception is the privilege of the beholder, and is always susceptible to change!" If that is true, then it must especially be true of the things we face as we live our lives for God. Such was the case with Ezekiel. Here was a 25 year old man with a bright, and promising priesthood future ahead of him. Yet, at a very inconvenient ...

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