by Steve Wagers

When God Invades the Boneyard
Steve Wagers
Ezekiel 37:1-3


Today, among religious circles, one of the greatest areas of confusion, and chaos; and, of doubt, and debate, is the area of miracles. There are those who, I believe, overemphasize the supernatural; and, there are those who, I believe, underemphasize the supernatural. There are people who look for nothing but a miracle; and, there are people who look for everything but a miracle. There are those who say that miracles are for today; and, there are those who say that miracles have ceased, and not for today. Therefore, somewhere in the midst of this, we must find a Biblical median, and a Biblical balance.

A recent survey conducted by George Barna revealed that 73 percent of professing Christians believe that all of the miracles of the Bible actually took place. 1 However, may I say, that I am 100 percent fully persuaded, and convinced that we still serve a miracle-working God, and that miracles still happen. You see, the same God who by the words of His mouth spoke everything that is, into existence, is the very immutable, unchangeable God that is alive today. I like how the late Dr. R. G. Lee expressed it, when he said, "God is not a bewildered bellhop running up and down the corridors of the hotel He created trying to find His key!" 2 Friend, I need not remind you, that He is the one who created this world, controls this world, and can do anything with this world, for this world, by this world, to this world, or in this world that He chooses to do. Therefore, those who have problems with miracles, really have a problem dealing the sovereignty of God. So, you ask me, "Preacher, do you believe in miracles?" Then, I ask you, "Do you believe in the God of miracles?"

I remember reading the story of a preacher's son, who asked his father a straightforward question. He asked him, "Daddy, do you really believe that a fish could swallow a man, and keep the man al ...

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