by Steve Wagers

God Change This, God Change That, But Don't Change Me
Steve Wagers
Isaiah 4:1


Probably one of the most fearful, and uncomfortable realities of our day is regarding the area of change. It doesn't take long to look, and see that everything around us, has, and is, constantly continuing to change. For example, we, not long ago, experienced a time change, a weather change, and a season change. The government changes, most of the time for the worst; the economy changes, the population changes; and, most of all, people change. Thus, it's a reality that we can't evade, we can't excuse, and we can't escape, because things just change.

I read recently of the changes that have affected our world over the last hundred years. In 1850, for example, the world's population was 1 billion. By 1930, the world's population had reached 2 billion; and, it took only thirty more years for the world's population to reach 3 billion. Currently, the population of our world is approximately 5.8 billion; and, statisticians tell us that by the end of the twentieth century, we'll have over 7 billion people. 1

Transportation is also another area that has experienced great change. Until 1800, the top speed was twenty miles per hour, as people rode on horseback. With the arrival of the railroad, the speed jumped immediately to 100 miles per hour. By 1952, the first passenger jet could travel 500 miles per hour. By 1979, the Concorde jet cruised at more than 1,200 miles per hour. 2 Therefore, it's easy to see that our world has changed, and as we approach a new millennium, it will continue to change.

However, though it is an inevitable fact of life, change is something that not many people welcome, or accept. Nowhere is this more evident than among the people of God. We tend to reach a particular "comfort zone", and we become so used to the "status quo," not only corporately, but personally, that when change does rear it's head, we see it as ...

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