by Steve Wagers

How to Kill a Lion on a Snowy Day
Steve Wagers
I Chronicles 11:22-25


You don't need to be around me very long to find out that one of my favorite subjects, to discuss, or to study, is History. I love to read about history, find out about history; and, even travel to historic places. However, my particular area of interest is American History as relating to battles, and wars that have been fought on U.S. soil. One such war, that has always been a favorite of mine, is the American Civil War.

As you study the Civil War, you find some very interesting facts and figures about it. It was a battle that occurred over thousands of miles, and covered, off and on, a span of 4 years. It was a battle that began on April 12, 1861 at Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor; and, one that ended on March 9, 1865 with the gruesome Appamattox campaign. 1 It was a battle that stretched from Chattanooga to Chickamauga, from Murfreesboro to Mannassas, from Petersburg to Perryville; and, from Shiloh to South Mountain. 2 The Civil War included thousands of soldiers, from the Union of the North, and the Confederacy of the South. The Union army, which we like to refer to as 'Yankees,' consisted of 1,716,000 soldiers. The Confederate army enlisted 1,181,000 men. After the smoke had settled, and the dust had cleared, the Union army had claimed victory in a battle that had split families, as well as the nation. The Union army had suffered 251,739 casualties; and, the Confederate army had lost 254,620 men in the war. 3 However, without a doubt, I firmly believe that the "South Will Rise Again!"

Yet, though that was a great, and an awful battle, there is a far greater battle that, you and I as Christians, are involved in. This battle is not a physical battle, a material battle, nor a financial battle. This battle is far greater than the current war on drugs, or the war on crime. This battle has lasted, and will last, longer than 4 years. For, it ...

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