by Steve Wagers

What Have You Left Undone?
Steve Wagers
Joshua 11: 15


I don't know how you are, but if you are like me, you are a person mindful of the things that need to be done. As I begin my week, one of my routines is to sit down and plan out my week. However, I usually prioritize my list, in regards to the things that are of importance in being done. My goal is to see that those things get done, not just part of the way, or half-way done; but, I try my best to see that they get done. By week's end, I can look back and see how successful my week has been upon the basis of what I finished. However, I can also tell a lot about my week by observing that which was not done, but that which was left undone. Many times it wasn't that it was not a priority, of something that I just didn't do, it was that it just didn't get done.

Many people, on the other hand, set no goals, nor have any priorities; and, as a result, they seldom get anything done. Many are like the lady with an empty seat at a Super Bowl game. A gentleman approached, surprised to see that there was an empty seat at the biggest football game of the year. He asked her if the seat was reserved for someone. She replied, "No, it was my husband's, but he died." The man said, "Oh, I'm very sorry, but I'm really surprised that another relative, or friend didn't jump at the chance to take the seat reserved for him." The lady answered, "Beats me. They all insisted on going to the funeral." 1 That truly was a lady whose priorities were a bit mixed up.

A recent survey revealed that the typical lifespan of a human is 70 years. Of those 70 years, the time of that person is spent in the following ways:

Sleep: 23 years
Work: 16 years
TV: 8 years
Eating: 6 years
Travel: 6 years
Leisure: 4.5 years
Illness: 4 years
Dressing: 2 years
Religion: .5 years 2

Therefore, it is quite apparent, that what we do is actually that which we either want to do, or ...

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