by Steve Wagers

Don't Let the Bread Get Stale
Steve Wagers
Exodus 16: 12-24


I believe that one of the greatest realities, privileges, and blessings of being a Christian is the joy that comes from our salvation. To press the rewind button of our mind, and remember where we were, and what we were the day that God reached down, and saved us by His marvelous grace.

I think of a letter that Charles Spurgeon once received. It was a very critical letter, and it was from a man who had visited Metropolitan Tabernacle, where Spurgeon pastored. In the man's letter, he said that from the time he pulled upon the grounds, he was convinced that this couldn't be a church, because the crowd was too large. The man also said that as he watched people smile, and sing with great joy, in the service, that he knew that these people did not know anything of the depravity of their heart, else they could not smile, and sing with great joy.

But, friend, I submit unto you, today, that it's because I know the depravity of my heart, and I know the despondency of my soul, that I can sing, smile, and shout. Yes, I know exactly what the songwriter spoke of, when he wrote:

You ask me why I'm happy,
So I'll just tell you why,
Because my sins are gone.
And, when I meet the scoffers,
Who ask me where they are,
I say, my sins are gone.

They're underneath the blood,
Of the cross of Calvary.
As far removed as darkness is from dawn
In the sea of God's forgetfulness,
That's good enough for me,
Praise God, my sins are gone!"

Yes, thanks be to God for the day that He took my sins away. However, there are many Christians, today, who have gotten over what it means to be saved, and they've gotten over the wonder of it all. The newness, joy, and reality of their salvation has withered, and the Rose of Sharon, in their life, has faded. To them, "Amazing Grace" isn't so amazing anymore. The "Wondrous Story" isn't so wonderful; and, "O Happy Day" ha ...

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