by Steve Wagers

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Clearing the Clutter Out of the Closet
Steve Wagers
Psalm 66:18

I don't know how things are around your house, but one thing that my wife, and I, take pride in, is the fact that you won't find much clutter around our house. It is something that greatly annoys, and agitates me. However, I remember a time, not long after we were married, and lived in Virginia, that I came face to face with this very thing.

My wife, Kim, was looking for some of her teaching supplies. We had searched the entire house, but were unable to find them. My study, which was in the loft of our house, had in it a couple of old storage closets. One, had a small door, which, to get into it, required getting down on all fours. As I endeavored to find those supplies, I crawled through that little hole, wading though things that we didn't use, or need; and that, having no where else to put them, we stuck them in that closet. As I tried to dig out those supplies, I found that as I moved one item, three or four other things would fall, either upon me, or in the path that I was clearing. Finally, after much searching, and digging, I found those supplies; and, was determined, never again, to have the problem of clutter!

In much the same way, the theme of Psalm 66:18, seems to emphasize this same point. The Psalmist is speaking of, and referring to the number one hindrance to a Christian's prayer life: the clutter of unconfessed sin! John Bunyan wrote of prayer, and said, "Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge to Satan." Bunyan, also said, in his book, Pilgrim's Progress, "Prayer will make a man cease from sin, but sin will make a man cease from prayer!" The late Dr. F.E. Marsh stated, "There is nothing that so takes the joy out of a prayer life as unconfessed sin on the conscience."

In his book, The Index of Leading Spiritual Indicators, George Barna revealed a very interesting finding: he showed that most people do pray ab ...

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