by Steve Wagers

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Keep Prayin Till the Answer Comes
Steve Wagers
Luke 18:1-8

In his book, No Easy Answers, W.L. Craig tells the story of a time when he was painting a friend's house. They had a little black dog, who would go to the back door and bark and bark until someone finally got the message, and let it out. One day, he said, he was painting, while everyone else was gone. Their little dog, however, took up his station at the back door, and barked incessantly all day. The tragedy was that, it never dawned in his little brain that all of his barking was totally useless, because no one was home to hear! 1

In much the same way, many times we, as God's children, wonder if anyone is at home. We know to pray, and we do pray; yet, it seems as if, in spite of all of our praying, that there's no one around to listen. It seems, at times, as if God is asleep, and He doesn't hear us. No doubt, in times like these, we would strongly concur with the words of Joseph Parker, when he said, "The prayer closet is the battlefield, and prayer is the battle!"

The inevitable question we must answer, this morning, is, "What do we do when it seems that our prayers fall on deaf ears?" "What should we do though there seems to be no answer?" In Luke 18, Jesus answers these questions, in a very Christ-like manner, by telling us to "Keep Prayin' Till The Answer Comes!" Briefly, I want you to notice the three stages of these eight verses. We see, first of all, the:

In this very familiar verse, of our text, Jesus discusses what seemed to be the disciples problem, as well as, our problem today. He breaks it into two categories, by discussing the:

A. AREA OF WATCHFULNESS "ought always pray"
1. The first problem, and area that He addresses is the area of watchfulness.
ALWAYS(lit.): "to be ready, on guard, or to be watchful"
PICTURE: Of an officer on duty constantly watching, and in surveillance
2. Thus, the Lord Jes ...

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