by Steve Wagers

Spiritual Dehydration
Steve Wagers
Psalm 42:1-11

More, and more today, we're hearing more about one of the greatest threats to athletes, and anyone involved in any type of rigorous activity: DEHYDRATION! In an age when virtually everything related to sports carries a corporate logo or a celebrity endorsement, there's still one that has no commercial affiliation. Ironically, it is the most important liquid of all: WATER! Water is vital for those who exercise or work outdoors in high temperatures, and is the best weapon against heat exhaustion and dehydration. 1

Dr. James Muntz, team doctor for the Houston Rockets says, "There's nothing wrong with sports drinks, but too much blood sugar can actually slow you down; therefore, water is the best way to prevent dehydration. Researchers also tell us that there is absolutely no substitute for water, in fighting dehydration, including soft drinks, sports drinks, or any other beverage. 2

Dehydration occurs when fluid intake is not sufficient to replace the amount of fluid lost. When a person is dehydrated there is a reduced volume of blood in the body. Less volume means less blood to the body. This in turn affects the body's ability to wash out waste, and other unnecessary chemicals. Since there is a reduced volume of blood flow, the heart has to work harder and pump faster in order to meet the body's demand. There are several ways which a person can lose water: through the skin, the lungs, through blood, and even through the stomach. However, whenever the amount of fluid lost is not compensated for, this leads to fatigue, dizziness, and eventually dehydration. 3

Sadly enough, there is something even more threatening happening to many Christians, today: SPIRITUAL DEHYDRATION! For too long we have used the "soft drinks, and sports drinks" of religion to try and compensate for the water of the inner man. Therefore, as a result, many look good on the outside, say all the right things, act the p ...

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