by Steve Wagers

How's Your Love Life?
Steve Wagers
Revelation 2:1-5

One of the fondest memories that I have, is the days when my wife and I were dating. I remember the first time that I saw, even after we had talked 300 hours on the telephone before we met, I knew that God had introduced me to the women who would be my wife.

She lived in another state, and I couldn't wait until Friday afternoon, when I could leave to go see her, or she would come see me. I joyed in taking her out, showing her off, and allowing her to enjoy the night on me. Money was no object, as a matter of fact, there were times I had to beat the check to the bank on Monday morning. I was in love, I wanted to do things for her.

Then, the wedding day, the greatest day of my life, outside of the day I was saved, and called to preach. I knew I was going to spend the rest of life with her. I was in love, nothing else mattered to me. Today, I can honestly say, that I love her even more than the day we were married.

Sad to say, many Christians, today, have fallen out of love with the Lord. They've gotten over what it means to be saved, they've gotten over the wonder of it all. Oh, they do, and say all the right things; yet, something is missing.

John, writing as the Holy Spirit directs him, to the church at Ephesus, seems to notice a change in their fondness for the Lord, and the things of God. He seems to ask them the question, as he does us, "HOW'S YOUR LOVE LIFE?

--Ephesus was one of the most important commercial and religious cities of all of Asia.
---Rome had made Ephesus a free city, and called her the "Supreme Metropolis of Asia."
---Ephesus was where the great temple of Artemis(Diana) stood, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. A place where much religious immorality took place.
---To say that the impact of the gospel was not great in this city, would be a mistake
---Ephesus was where Paul had his greatest ministry, for thirty years. Where John was h ...

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