by Steve Wagers

How to Behave in a Cave
Steve Wagers
Psalm 142:1-7

One of the things that I greatly enjoy is photography. Though it is an area of which I know little about, nor show much expertise in, it is certainly something that greatly interests, and intrigues me.

I am told that the key to successful photography is the developing process. In order to properly develop the film, it must first be taken into a darkroom. Then, several different chemicals are added to enhance the quality of those prints. Only after the proper steps have been taken, and all the right chemicals added, is it then safe to expose that film to the light, in order to produce the final beauty of those prints. The amazing thing is that, the light, which at first, would have greatly damaged that film, is now the key to bring out it's final beauty.

In much the same way, there are various in our Christian life, that we find urselves in the darkroom of God. It is there, that all of the right things are added to enhance, and develop our spiritual life. Dr. H.B. Smith explained it well, by saying, "It is in God's darkroom that the true test, and the validity of our spirituality is made known. Faith is like film: IT ONLY DEVELOPS IN THE DARK!!

In Psalm 142, we see the Psalmist David in God's darkroom: he's in the cave. There are varying opinions as to which cave is referenced to here. Some believe that it's the Cave of Adullam(c.f. I Samuel 22), while others believe that it's the Cave of Engedi(c.f. I Samuel 24). However, the history and the context of this passage, suggest to us that Psalm 142 was written when David fled from the pursuit of King Saul, and fled to the Cave of Adullam. Whatever the case might be, David is, no doubt, at the lowest, and darkest place that he's ever been. He's at the place of discouragement, despair, and doubt. His security, shelter, and self-respect are gone.

Therefore, by looking at these 7 verses, of our text, we see how the Psalmist c ...

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