by Steve Wagers

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All
Steve Wagers
John 14:1-6


During the years of the great depression, in the 20's, a man by the name of W. Oliver Cooper had a little girl that he loved with all of his heart. Just two years after she was born, his wife died, leaving him to raise this girl on his own. This precious little girl was the apple of his eye, his pride and joy.

One day, God saw fit to take her away from him. For years following this, Mr. Cooper was so angry, and held great bitterness in heart toward God. One day, seemingly to the end of his rope, he threw himself on his bed, and in his heart, not wanting to live, he cried out, "God, it's just not worth it." Suddenly something came over him, and reminded him that one day all of the struggles of this life will be worth it all, and he wrote:

"Often I'm hindered on my way, burdened so heavy I almost fall; then I hear Jesus sweetly say, Heaven will surely be worth it all.
Many the trials, toils, and tears, many a heartache here appall; But my dear Lord so truly says, Heaven will surely be worth it all."

Heaven will surely be worth it all,
Worth all the sorrows that here befall,
After this life, with all of it's strife
Heaven will surely be worth it all."

No doubt, as we journey through life, we are constantly faced with times of distress, difficulty, doubt, and despair. As a matter of fact, that's just part of life. Thus, as long as we live we will be faced with such times, with the hope that they soon will come to an end. However, though we are certain of that "blessed hope" which Paul talked about, and though we are certain that one day all of life's trials will be over, we must realize, once again, the reality of the fact, that one day we will be in God's great promised land, and "Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All!" In this very familiar passage of scripture, Jesus reminds us once again, of this fact, and He does that by showing us:

I. ...

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