by Steve Wagers

When God Decides to Get Jealous
Steve Wagers
James 4:5


Just as there are times when we become jealous, so there are times when God becomes jealous. In fact, one of the primary attributes of the Holy Spirit is that because He is a person, He has emotions, and feelings. He feels as we do. He loves as we do. He hurts as we do. In fact, He is as just as much of God as God is! HE IS A PERSON! Thus, He is at war inside of us everyday against that which we call our flesh. Hence, there are times that He decides to get jealous! He becomes jealous:

I. WHEN WE RESTRAIN HIS SPIRIT {I Thessalonians 5: 19}

QUENCH: {lit.}: "to suppress/stifle"
IDEA: Of putting out a fire

1. We cannot lose Him, nor can He be taken away from us personally.

2. However, there are times that we can stifle, smother, and suppress Him.

3. In fact, the text reveals 4 things that restrain Him. We restrain Him when:

a. We Fail To Be Worshipful

1. {Notice verse 16.}.

b. We Fail To Be Prayerful

1. {Notice verse 17.}

Murray: "The greatest sin in the life of a Christian is prayerlessness!'

c. We Fail To Be Thankful

1. {Notice verse 18.}

d. We Fail To Be Careful

1. {Notice verses 20-22.}

He speaks of us being careless:

1. About the Word (v. 20)
2. In our Witness (v. 21)
3. Against the ...

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