by Steve Wagers

You Keep it, Like You Got It!
Steve Wagers
Ezekiel 34: 26


Years ago, a man by the name of Daniel Whittle was a product of a broken home. So, he joined the Illinois Infantry during the Civil War, and rose to the rank of major. For the remainder of his life, he was known by the title of major. Since he had nothing at home to go back to, nor look forward to, he surrounded himself with his work, and that became his entire life. So, following the war he returned to Chicago and became treasurer of the Elgin Watch Company.

In 1873, however, God began to deal with his heart about his eternal condition. Going one night to hear D. L. Moody preach, he fell under conviction, and gave his heart to Christ. He then resigned his position at Elgin, and entered the ministry as an evangelist. One day, however, depression began to set in on him. He began to be consumed with the idea that God had not blessed him as other people, and he almost became a recluse, and hermit.

Thus, one day, after he had come home from seeing his counselor, he sat in his living room almost ready to give up everything. Then, suddenly, it began to rain outside. Whittle got up, looked outside, and noticed the beautiful spring shower. At that moment, the words came to him, "Showers of Blessing. Showers of Blessing!" Suddenly, God reminded him of his goodness to him, and he went on to finish that phrase:
"Showers of Blessing, showers of blessing we need;
Mercy drops round us are falling,
But for the showers we plead!" 1

Well, when you and I begin to consider the blessings of God, it doesn't take long for our mind to recollect the many times God has poured them out upon us. Many times they are not showers, but they are down pours from the throne of God that He bestows upon us.

Thus, in speaking in terms of revival, or of the presence of God manifesting Himself and doing a work in the midst of His people, we must count, and consider that a blessing as wel ...

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