by Steve Wagers

He Giveth More Grace
Steve Wagers
II Corinthians 12:9

One day, a doctor at a London orphanage, was approached by a dirty, little, ragged boy who asked him admission into the orphanage. The doctor said, "Who are you? My boy, I don't even know your name. What do you have to recommend you?" The lad was quick to reply, and held up his ragged coat, and with a confident little voice he said, "If you please, sir, I thought this would be all I need to recommend me." The moved doctor demonstrated GRACE, caught him up in his arms, and welcomed him in.

The grace of God is a topic far too infinite for us to begin to fathom. Yet, of what we do know about it, we know that there is SAVING GRACE(c.f. Eph. 2:8,9), SUSTAINING GRACE(c.f. I Peter 1:5); and as we see in our text, there is SUFFICIENT GRACE.

The Apostle Paul is in dire need of sufficient grace. Many opinions vary as to his reason for this; i.e. temptation, opposition from adversaries, bodily pain, or a physical affliction. However, whatever the case might be, it is clear that this was an uncomfortable and painful thing("thorn"). So troublesome was it that Paul beckoned God three times about it. No doubt he wondered if God cared, or if he was even involved. However, upon his third request, God replied with an answer showing us that his grace is:

1. By notice of the personal pronoun "my", we see just how involved He is.
2. He is personally involved in our situation.
3. Though it appears at times that nobody cares--HE CARES!!!
A Frenchman had displeased Napoleon, and was put into a dungeon. He seemed to be forgotten, and forsaken by everyone. In loneliness and despair, he took a stone and scratched on the wall of his cell: NOBODY CARES!

One day a blade of green sprang through the cracks of the floor of his cell. The prisoner kept part of the water brought to him each day to water the blade of green. It grew until it became a p ...

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