by Steve Wagers

He Must Be Up to Something
Steve Wagers
Psalm 71: 1-21


The date of February 15, 1947 is a date that rings in the echo of history. It was a date that claimed the lives of many people, who died instantly, never knowing what happened.

At approximately 9: 40 a.m., an Avianca Airline flight bound for Quito, Equador, crashed into the 14,000 towering peak of El Tablazo, not far from Bogota, Columbia. Then, the plane suddenly dropped into a ravine far below. However, before the plane hit the ground, the passengers were dead.

Among them was a young New Yorker by the name of Glenn Chambers. Chambers had boarded the plane to begin a ministry with the Voice of the Andes, which had been his been his lifelong dream. However, something happened before he boarded that plane.

Before leaving the Miami airport, earlier that day, Chambers hurriedly dashed a note to his mother on a piece of paper he found on the floor of the terminal. That scrap piece of paper was once a printed piece of advertisement with the single word 'WHY' written across the center. However, between the mailing, and the delivery of that note, Chambers was killed. When the letter did arrive, there staring up at his mother was the haunting word 'WHY?' Needless to say, here was a mother who was so shaken at the news of her son's death that this was the last word she needed to see. However, while that question, 'WHY?', kept ringing through her all day long, before she went to bed that night, she wrote the words:

"God is too kind to do anything cruel.
Too wise to make a mistake. . .
Too deep to explain himself!"

That night, Mrs. Chambers stopped asking 'Why?' when she finally saw the 'Who' behind the scene. 1

Someone has well said, in regards to the will of God, "Acceptance is taking from God's hand absolutely anything He chooses to give us, and looking up into His face in love and trust. Then, to know that the confines of the hedge within which He has plac ...

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