by Tony Nester

God's Promise to Abraham
Tony Nester
Genesis 12:1-9

"Go" can be a scary word.

A young child stands on the edge of diving board,
afraid to jump into the pool of water below, and then
comes the command of a parent: Go on, jump. Dive.

A high school football player sits on the bench hoping
his coach will send him into the game, but he's also
unsure of matching up against a very tough opponent,
and doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of a
home crowd. Then the coach gives him the word: You
go. Now!

A newly trained paratrooper is flying on plane and
awaits the command to jump for the first time into a
real battleground. His nerves are tense, his body
taught. The adrenalin is pumping through his body.
Then his commanding officer gives him that one little
word: Go. Jump. Now!

The car is packed with luggage and all sorts of
reminders of the home you've known for so long. The
trip ahead will take you far from home. It's your
first time say "good-bye" and be truly on your own
without anyone close to fall back on. Your heart tugs
at you while loved ones hold you tight. And then they
tell you - "It's O.K. We'll miss you. But you need to
do this. Goodbye. Now go."

Go was the word that God gave to Abraham. According
to Genesis 12 it was the very first word that Abraham
heard from God - 1Now the LORD said to Abram, Go...

It had to be a frightening word to hear. In a world
without cell phones, faxes, and instant messaging any
amount of distance meant the loss of connection. God
asked Abraham to leave everything that was familiar to

God lines out the full meaning of what He is asking of
Abraham. Leave your country - your home land.

Even more, leave your extended family - those who give
you support and security.

Still more, leave your father's house - those with
whom you have the closest ties of love and loyalty.

Go on, go forward, go now!

Leave taki ...

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