by Tony Nester

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Networking for Christ (18 of 18)
Tony Nester
Colossians 4:7-18

Do you know how the sport of adventure-racing is
played? Teams compete against one another to finish a
grueling race across some of the most difficult
country in the world.

A while ago an adventure-race was held in the jungles
of Borneo - an island in the western Pacific Ocean
southwest of the Philippines. The race involved 320
miles of hiking, running, swimming, biking, canoeing,
and rappelling. The race was both grueling and
gruesome. One biker was evacuated by helicopter after
he had impaled his chest on a tree limb. The racers,
exhausted, repeatedly broke down in tears. Their feet
were swollen from pus-filled infections. One group
stumbled into a hornets nest and a team member had an
allergic reaction such that he could barely breathe.
Another man made an urgent cell phone call to his
doctor reporting that a leech had scaled up a private
part of his body I won't name. It's OK, the doctor
told him, the parasite would naturally exit when it
was done eating.

One observer of this sport commented on the difference
between successful and unsuccessful adventure-racing
teams. As you listen to these words see if you find
as much application to doing church together as I did
when I first read them. Here's the observation:

"The racers make do with very scarce resources, go to
superhuman lengths to achieve their goal, make a
series of decisions based on limited information, and
always, always, keep moving forward - regardless of
the setbacks they suffer. Their success depends not
on their individual talents but rather on their
ability to support and complement their team members.
The teams that drop out are the ones that bicker,
argue, and blame. The winners just quietly plod
ahead, even if they shed an occasional tear. Even
when the team's at the point of exhaustion, tempers
don't seem to flare." (1).


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