by Tony Nester

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Putting On the New Self (13 of 18)
Tony Nester
Colossians 3:5-11

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Let me ask you a question this morning. Why does it
take Christians so long to get rid of sin in their
lives? After all, look at all the resources available
to us. We have the Bible with all its promises,
wisdom, and the message of Christ. We have the church
with regular opportunities for worship, Bible study,
and service. We have prayers - the prayers we say for
ourselves and the prayers of those who intercede for
us. We have the support of other Christians. We have
pastors. We have Christian counselors. We have
thousands of books, tapes, and CD's that offer
instruction or inspiration. So why does it take so
long for Christians to overcome sin? Why are so many
of us trapped in the same old ways, same old
attitudes, and same old behaviors - all of them
bearing the influence of sin?

I once went to doctor to get some help for getting
over a sore throat and head cold I couldn't seem to
shake. After examining me he gave me a large bottle
of antibiotics and told me to be sure to take the full
two weeks worth of pills. I complained and said, "Why
don't you have something that works faster? I'd
rather not take these pills for two weeks." He looked
at me with impatience and said, "Why do you have to
keep preaching to your congregation - how come they
haven't already repented of their sins?" Excellent

I suppose we could come up with a variety of answers
or excuses in answer to the doctor's question. Let's
listen this morning to an answer that comes from the
Apostle Paul in Colossians 3:1-11. Paul's answer is
this: When it comes to sin we are often indecisive.
Instead of making a clean break with sin we remain
entangled. We don't quite give a sin up - we leave an
window open, a forwarding address, some signal that
we're not quite ready to be diminished with sin.


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